Can we change the way of the world? If you listen to common wisdom, the answer is no. For most neuroscientists there’s little doubt that from the age of 25 people change either through massive trauma or extreme focus on a goal.

This is even more true for large groups of people like nations or companies, and leaves little room for optimism. Looking at human long-term experience, it’s easy to conclude that there’s only one lesson history teaches us: people learn nothing from history—period.

The only thing is that it’s not entirely true. There’s actually a way to learn from past experience. And to use your knowledge to avoid mistakes. You only need to learn how.

Consider Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio. These guys made gazillions of dollars by analyzing long-term data series of corporate performance. This is also history, although probably not the kind you think about in the first place.

Sometimes knowing history can make you immensely rich. The most important part is, however, that it helps you to avoid traps on your way to making good decisions. That’s what this blog is about.

Looking in the rearview mirror is oftentimes the best way to arrive safely at your destination. So let’s get started.